Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear/bring to the shoot?

I strongly suggest that you are comfortable in whatever you choose to wear (including comfortable shoes). I want you to feel like the outfit you choose brings out your personal style. Busy patterns and multiple colors (4+) are not recommended because I want you to be the main focus of the shoot. Please come prepared for any weather.

You do not need to bring anything additional with you besides yourself, possibly a coat, and any outfit changes that you would like.

Do you offer the RAW images?

I do not provide any raw photos to download. Like most photographers I take pride in the edits and touch-up to each photo. Delivering RAW images would be providing an unfinished product.

How long will it take for me to receive my photos?

I will typically get the fully edited images back to you in less than two weeks after I receive your chosen photos. Please contact me if you need to have the photos rushed. Depending on the volume of customers, the timing may differ.

If there is an unpaid balance, no photos will be returned until that is cleared.

Can I use the Senior Portrait Packages even if they are not for senior photos?

Yes! I love taking creative photos and doing photos to celebrate you. Please contact me with the details of what you’d like your shoot to look like.

How far out do I have to book my shoot?

Typically booking out at least 3 weeks to a month in advance is prefered, but please contact me because I may have earlier openings depending on the volume of business.

How do I select my pre-paid photos and download them?

On Pic-Time, select a photo you would like to have as part of your pre-paid photo downloads. Hover over the image and click the flag icon. I will have provided categories which you may place your selection within. You can review your selections by clicking on the flag icon at the top right side of the page and you can send them to me by using the “send to photographer” button.

Once they have been sent to me, I will send an email via Pic-Time with digital downloads. The digital download size will not affect the picture quality when printed.

The package price range is out of my budget, can I get a photoshoot with a more flexible cost?

Please still reach out to me, I would love to try and work with you on your budget while still providing a high quality photoshoot experience.