About me


My name is Jasmine Ahern and I am a portrait photographer based out of Denver, CO. I started taking photos when I was little and got to improve my skills as I gained experience. At first I took landscaping photos, but in my senior year of high school I got the opportunity to take my friends’ senior photos. This helped me gain confidence in my art and refine my style.

My favorite part of photography is capturing one’s personality within a photo. Each person is unique and I believe that photos that I take shows the individuality of that moment in someone’s life. By taking these photos, I have gotten to tell stories through my art. Creating these timeless images allows us to showcase the sparkle of each and every one of us.

Outside of photography, I am an aspiring pilot. I love to travel and I’m a huge adventurer. Colorado gives me many opportunities to spend time in the mountains and in nature. I’ve traveled all over the world and gotten to experience a range of cultures. These travels have inspired my passions within photography to let people’s inner self out and their dreams come to life.

I’d love to collaborate to celebrate you!